FOUR STROKE 20W-50 (Mineral)

Package Product Code Carton Qty
1L SEFS20W50001 6
2.5L SEFS20W500025 4

Small Engine Four Stroke Multigrade 20W-50 is non-friction modified engine oil formulated with modern additives for use in small four stroke engines. It provides complete protection against wear & corrosion and is designed to meet the lubrication needs of small four stroke en...

HI-PER 2 STROKE (Semi Syn.)

Package Product Code Carton Qty
1L SEHPTS001 6
2.5L SEHPTS0025 4
205L SEHPTS205

Hi-Per Two Stroke is a high performance, semi synthetic, low smoke, low ash two stroke engine oil made from the latest synthetic additives and premium base oils. It exceeds many manufacturer requirements including API TC, JASO FC & ISO EG-C requirements. Additional Pr...

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